Reg's heart passion is teaching and empowering others to achieve their life's purpose.

All through Reg's professional career he has brought organization, honed skills, developed systems and added clarity to others. 

Now with great energy he is translating these abilities in the mentoring and refinement of God's people knowing that life's true success only comes in "rightly dividing" the Word of God and serving Him with excellence.

Join him in his desire of empowering others so they can be the preserving "salt" in the earth that God has commanded them to be and complete the Great Commission to love and teach all mankind.

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onsite bible teaching

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Since 1988 Reg Phillips has been a self employed consultant who has completed many assignments. He has been "boots on the ground" for a security "back haul" build out to being a security hardening adviser.  Reg continues today in Board/Directors positions with several technologies pertaining to communication and security.

Having thrived as a hardware applications consultant, due to the BLESSING of God, he has now shifted his focus to bring this same anointing and passion for excellence in teaching the Word of God to others.

In 2013 Reg finished his primary schooling and graduated from Jerry Savelle Ministry School "Magna Cum Laude".

Reg has been married since 1982 to Christine and enjoys 3 children with one grandchild.

The passion


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